Sunday, December 16, 2012

Celebrating the good things

By: Joelle Charbonneau

Today is my son’s fifth birthday.  It amazes me to think how fast those years have gone and how much he has changed in that short time.  Each milestone—walking, talking, reading, writing—have been joys to celebrate.  I appreciate each day with him even when I feel like the world’s worst parent.

After the horrific events of this past week, it is easy to cast blame and look for answers.  I have seen calls for more gun control.  I have seen other calls for all teachers to have weapons in schools.  People say God is to blame.  Others say the lack of God in our schools and in many lives is the culprit.  There will be more of those calls to action and pointing of fingers in the weeks and months ahead.  But while the action or inaction our society takes is important, there is something more important we can do.  We can celebrate the good in today.  Celebrate the joys of life both big and small.  Celebrate watching a movie with family or going out to lunch with friends.  Celebrate snow falling or being somewhere in which the weather laughs at the mere thought of snow.  Celebrate birthdays, all of the winter holidays and the New Year.  Not just go through the motions of wrapping presents and baking cookies, but do all of it (even the stuff that makes you want to tear your hair our) with a sense of joy. 

It is easy to yell and scream and cry.  I have shed my share of tears.  But today I will celebrate what life is about.  I will remember that each moment is precious and hold my family close.  I will smile and laugh and say a prayer that the families who were devastated this week will one day find peace.  And that day by day, week by week, year by year they will find a reason to celebrate life again. 

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