Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TERMINAL DAMAGE for your holidays

This week billions of you have become reacquainted with our TERMINAL DAMAGE collection, first discussed at this very blog.

The book is a collection of linked stories taking place in and around an airport during the holidays. You'll see characters from one story pop up in another story. Writing my own story was fun, and reading those from the others was amazing. Sometimes I forget what good writers I get to hang out here with.

As Erik Arneson said:
TERMINAL DAMAGE is a great collection of short stories. Chances are, you'll enjoy some more than others. Every story is entertaining, but the inter-connected nature of this book is terrific and helps the whole become more than the sum of its parts.

As this is the holiday season and folks are travelling, we wanted to re-share it with you. So for the past few days it's been FREE in the Kindle store. At some point, that free will revert to the 99c here in the states. (In the Britains, I think it's something like seventy-four stones. (I do not completely understand foreign currency.))

You can get the book at TerminalDamage.com.

Also, NEEDLE magazine is having a signed giveaway drawing thing thanks to friend-of-the-blog Chris F. Holm. Find out about that here.


Now, something I wanted to share with you folks.

Patrick Rothfuss, fantasy author, is doing some really good stuff year-round helping people out via Heifer International. The church we found after the other church kicked us out for not hating teh gays enough was big into Heifer International. I like what they do.

So, anyhoo, Mr. Rothfuss is doing This Thing that is The Opposite of Black Friday. I think it would be cool if you checked it out.

Ideas for you today:

1. Get some FREE (or cheap) TERMINAL DAMAGE
2. Grab your chance at some signed Chris F. Holm
3. Buy a goat for a village and get cool stuff or get cool stuff and a goat, which is also cool.

Happy Thanksgiving. Unless you're British, where I think they celebrate Boxing Day instead. (I do not completely understand foreign holidays.) Also, a belated Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends.

PS: Edge of Black from JT Ellison just came out. More here.

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