Thursday, November 8, 2012

NoirCon Is This Weekend

By Steve Weddle

Every two years, degenerate writers descend on Philly to talk about noir.

In 2010, a circuit court judge was kind enough to allow me to leave the state for a few days and visit fellow fans of noir. I said some stuff about that here.

This morning, Peter Farris was sharing some of his thoughts and preparations for the weekend here.

If you're anywhere near Philly and have a warm coat, you should swing by. It's a great chance to meet some cool folks and talk shop.

Lawrence Block, Otto Penzler, and many others are scheduled to be there.

Spend the weekend or grab a day pass. Great stuff.

More here.

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Peter Rozovsky said...

You wouldn't even have needed a warm coat the last two days this year.
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