Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lazy Round-Up

By Jay Stringer

It's a very quick one this week. Also known as a five minute special. I'm knee deep in an edit on Runaway Town as I type this. Next to the window I'm typing this into is my word document, and some really cool stuff that you'll get to see when this book comes out in the winter.

But it means I've got to skimp a bit on you this week. I'll be back soon with one of my epic posts to make up for it. To fill this gap this week, there are two places you can catch me.

I was giving a going over by Paul D Brazil at his website. Thanks to Paul for letting me crash his space, and also for the questions- A couple of them may have inspired future DSD posts. And a reminder you can get his collections Drunk On The Moon and Snapshots delivered to your kindle in about three seconds.

The other place to catch me is on the Slide Into My Hand podcast, where my good friend Steve indulges me in an hour (or so) of music and chat about Old Gold.

And before I run away to scream at my own prose, I want to thank everyone who downloaded Faithless Street over the weekend. The collection is no longer available for free, but the amount of people who checked it out during the promotional period was very encouraging.

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