Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Time and the Reading is Easy

Summer is just about here for me (less than a week of school left).  I always get a ton of reading done in the summer. 

Usually I try to shake things up in the summer.  Read something big (3 years ago THE POWER OF THE DOG and THE GIVEN DAY, last year AMERICAN GODS and GAME OF THRONES).  But at the same time I also like to fall back on some favorite writers. 

Right now I'm reading some Don Winslow.  Up next is Chuck Wendig.

But to be honest, I'm opening up this post to the comments.  Sell me on something cool (and maybe even a bit different) to read this summer. 

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Steve Weddle said...

THE LAST KIND WORDS is our DSD Book Club selection for the summer.
It's pretty damn amazing so far.

Click here: DSD Book Club

Dana King said...

ABSOLUTE ZERO COOL by Declan Burke qualifies as both cool and different. Highly recommended.

Nick said...


StephenD said...

Different and cool: DEAD HARVEST by Chris F. Holm. It's not my usual fare, but damn, is he a good writer.