Monday, May 14, 2012

Why I Decided to Publish Crash & Burn by Jonathan Woods

When I first read Crash & Burn it struck me how much was packed into such a short form.  This is the longest story in the Speedloader anthology and though it's word count may betray the designation it reminded me of a novelette with how much was packed into it. 

At his best Woods is able to generate more character development in a couple of lines then other writers are in whole pages.  And his plots, with all of the action, twists and turns that you would expect, are crazier then books ten times longer.  All of this while at the same time being bat shit crazier then everyone else. 

So, for a fan of dark fiction, crime, noir or otherwise, Woods is the real deal.

I went into my first reading of Crash & Burn with some expectations of liking it.  But that familiarity isn't enough for a story to be accepted by an editor.  It needs to deliver and earn it's place just like anyone else.  Crash & Burn does, and is a showcase for the best of Woods' abilities in short fiction.

In short, that is why I decided to publish Crash & Burn by Jonathan Woods.

PS - His debut novel, A Death in Mexico, just recently came out.  I'm slowly picking my way through it and am really enjoying it so far.

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Jonathan said...

Sandra, Thanks for your oh-so-kind words. It's a pleasure being part of Speedloader and Snubnose Press.

Mike Dennis said...

Jonathan is a valued member of the Casa Marina Group, our small critique group here in Key West, and we're all very pleased at his success with his short stories as well as his exciting new novel, A DEATH IN MEXICO.