Monday, April 16, 2012

Why I decided to publish Herniated Roots by Richard Thomas

Herniated Roots is the fifth story in the Speedloader anthology.

There were a couple of things that drew me to this story. First there was the writing, which was so finely rendered that it added a different tonal feel to the anthology while remaining just as dark as the other stories. There is a depressing air to the protag and the story that is present from the start but slowly envelopes the reader by the end. It also reminded me, in some ways, of Leaving Las Vegas.

At it's heart lies a simple question to ask but a difficult one to answer, If you are walled off from everyone and everything are you really living? It's like that line in Good Will Hunting "Well at least I played a hand".

This was the most heavily edited story of the anthology. Originally the story a longer ending section. We ultimately decided to cut that part. Part of the cut section would eventually find its way to well known online flash fiction site. Did we make the right decision? Track down that story and let me know.

The bottom line is that Richard Thomas can write his ass off and has a great imagination (as his novel shows) and that is why I decided to publish Herniated Roots. His forthcoming collection of crime stories will blow some hair back.

Currently Reading: Immobility by Brian Evenson, Scoundrels, Scarla by BC Furtney and submissions. Which leads me to...

Current Editorial Pet Peeve: Perceived threat versus actual threat. Your protag thinks something is going to happen so he makes a move. Why not actually have something happen to facilitate the next stage of your plot movement.

Currently Listening: I heard the first three tracks off of the new Father John Misty album, Fear Fun and can't stop listening to the songs that are available. Here is one of them:

Also, thatnks to Craig McDonald on twitter I heard this haunting track and now want to listen to the whole album. Bible Noir!

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