Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Still Moving...

So you're getting a best of from 2005... the way, way, way back machine. Here's my favorite serial killer story lines:

Just thought I'd share with you some of my favorite ridiculous lines from serial killer movies. I just saw a commerical for The Inside some new profiler show on Fox.

Anyways, here are some of my favorite lines that are said in every serial killer movie:

He wants to be caught.

I don't like this one one bit. Either the guy wants to kill and kill compulsively or he wants to be caught. Why not turn yourself in? The only time this one work is in Se7en.

He will kill again.

Yes. That's what serial killers do.

That doesn't fit the profile.

Anybody else sick of the profile? I know I am. This one went over the top when Sandra Bullock muttered "The profile doesn't fit the profile." in that wonderful movie Murder by Numbers.

He wants them to suffer.

No kidding? Man, I really thought he wanted them to die peacefully in their sleep.
There have to be more. Anyone else got any good ones?


Thomas Pluck said...

I'm sick of serial killer stories. I've read too much about profiling and true stories that I can't enjoy the fiction about them, they all seem like they're trying to be oh so clever.
They're not the Riddler, they're psychopaths who sexually imprint on torturing people. They are often tortured in childhood. We know that. I'm more interested in the kids who suffer cruelty and DON'T become serial killers but (albeit damaged) heroes instead.

Steve Weddle said...

As long as some hot chick is the victim, it'll do well.