Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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By Steve Weddle

Review of Owen Laukkanen's THE PROFESSIONALS

This book is one of those rare accomplishments -- a believable thriller.
Totally engaging. Fast-paced. Intimately focused with characters you care about.
Fantastic. Highly recommended. Owen Laukkanen is the real deal, folks.

At a bar with my agent and she wouldn't shut up about this book. Which made me unhappy. "Talk about my book, crazy lady," I thought. In fact, it's rather possible I mouthed that to her. But the more she talked about this book from Owen Laukkanen, the more I wanted to hear. The more I wanted to know. Then the more I wanted her to shut up and hand me the book. Finally, I got my hands on the book. The characters are drawn with such precision and depth that you can't help caring about them. The action gets moving and never lets up. A great read.

Now I kinda want to ask about his next book, but I don't want to sit around waiting for it. I want it now.


A couple other books you need to check out:

SATAN IS REAL from Benjamin Whitmer and Charlie Louvin

Mr. Whitmer himself gives you the information on it here, but you need to be sure to order the hardcover. It's an absolutely lovely book on the outside and a helluva read on the inside. I'll have more when I finish.


And I'm currently reading CITY OF THE LOST from Stephen Blackmoore. It's that crime/noir stuff we all love with a loving dose of the supernatural. Fantastic so far.

Of course, he was here last week talking about the book, but be sure to see what he says over at Mr. Scalzi's place.


Also currently reading Dan O'Shea's unbelievably wonderful short story collection, OLD SCHOOL. More on that when I'm done.


And the Sword and Laser gang prepare to read/chat up Adam Christopher's EMPIRE STATE.


Feel free to share your current read here. Thanks

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