Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kickstart This

By Jay Stringer

I'm doing another double header this week. There'll be another post out a little later on, pointing you in the direction of a great book. First though, a quick mention for something that's not come out yet.

There's a kickstarter project running for a comic book called "Sparrow & Crowe- The Demoniac of Los Angeles." It's from Dave Accampo -friend of DSD- and two other talented fellas. I could write about why it's a good project to help out, or what the story is about, but they've already done it. So until later, I'll leave you with Dave, Jeremy and Jared.

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cnahhas said...

This project is high quality: amazing artwork, solid storie. It has suspense, humor, name it. Even if you haven't every listened to the audio drama, Wormwood, this mini series stands alone. Good stuff!