Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finding inspiration in the holidays

by: Joelle Charbonneau

Because I am the Sunday blogger, a fair number of my posts fall on holidays. Holidays in my house are always an adventure – especially now that I have a toddler. Most people think that kids love holidays for the candy and presents. Mine won’t eat the candy and is tends to be content to play with the first present he opens. We have to con him into opening the rest. The one thing the tot really loves is seeing family.

Family is a funny thing. Because you don’t get to choose the people you are related to, the holidays can force you to spend time with people you don’t get along with. Add to the mix the stress that often comes with the holidays and sometimes the family adventures can be a powder keg ready to explode.

Not good for sanity.

Great for fiction. Especially crime fiction.

Think about it. There are lots of sharp knives used to carve the turkey and slice the leg of lamb. Take a stressed out member of the family who is down on his luck, add great-aunt Edna’s loud, abrasive personality and her need to criticize everyone around here and bang – you have a chance for an explosive crime fiction scene. Russel posted on Friday about how crime fiction explores people in extreme situations. He’s right. And how much more extreme can you get than the stressful holidays surrounded by people that know exactly which button will push you over the edge?

So to celebrate the Easter holiday, feel free to post here a scenario for a holiday related crime. (And if it is one you envisioned acting out today – we won’t tell anyone!)

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John McFetridge said...

Talking about family pushing your buttons, the's that great (well, painful) Thanksgiving episode of "The Sopranos" with Tony having dinner at his sister Janice's house.

I've never thought of a holiday crime story but then most of family live a few provinces away ;)

I guess there might be something in finding something other than an egg in the hunt....