Sunday, December 19, 2010

DSD Flash Challenge

By Jay Stringer

We put out the call and you answered. And boy, a lot of you did it. There's great stories here, keep checking back roughly every 12 hours for a new story. Christmas day will be something a bit different, McFet has a longer story for us all, something of a full meal for the big day. You can keep track of all the stories with the 'Xmas Noir' tag that we'll be adding to each post, so one click will give you all the stories. Or you could subscribe to us via your kindle gizmo by checking the link just over that.

Before we make with all the flashing here's a few announcements.

The latest episode of the DSD podcast is up right now and out there on the innerwebs. You can get it here or head on over to itunes and type in 'dsdpodcast.' In this episode Professor Weddle is joined by Benjamin Whitmer who wants to tell us about his great novel PIKE, which was the first book in the DSD good reads book club. Check the link over there on the right.

And did we mention we have an ebook out? We did? Well, here we are again. It's called TERMINAL DAMAGE, and it's a collection of interconnected shorts that add up to the worst day you could hope to have at an airport. Checkit over at the amazons and then you can carry it on your kindles, your ithingies and your laptop computers.

One last thing before I get out of the way for the rest of the year. We'd all like to echo what Scott said yesterday. The site wouldn't exist without you guys checking it out every day, and we really appreciate that. Opening up for the flash challenge has been a reminder of just how many people there are out there who are all pretty much part of the DSD family at this point.

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Joyce said...

Can't wait to read them. Emailed my story Saturday afternoon. This was so much fun to participate in. Such a terrific idea! Also, so glad I discovered this blog.