Sunday, September 19, 2010

It doesn't happen Everyday

by: Joelle Charbonneau

Life is full of firsts. First steps. First kiss. First time you hold up a convenience store and steal all the Hubba Bubba bubble gum. (Okay, the last one never happened to me, but I’m sure it was a first for someone.) This week I had two firsts. Last night I went to my first Dave Matthews concert. The cannabis-scented air was a touch chilly at Wrigley Field and the sound guys had some issues during the first couple of tunes, but Dave was great, the band was awesome and the crowd was engaged. What more could you ask for?

Of course, the bigger first for me this week came three days ago. The doorbell rang and when I opened the door, a padded envelope sat on the stoop. The package was from my editor. Inside the envelope was a congratulatory note and a hard cover copy of SKATING AROUND THE LAW. If I hadn’t been in the middle of teaching a voice lesson, I probably would have cried.

Part of me wants to sit down and read the book cover to cover just for the experience of reading it like a real book. Funny, but until it arrived, I’ve had a hard time thinking of it as a ‘real’ book. I’ve read thousands of ‘real’ books in my life. Books have always been one of my great loves. Never in my childhood dreams did I think I could write a ‘real’ book. Even after getting my first contract and going through the editing, copy editing and page proof process, I found it hard to call myself an author. Then the doorbell rang and the postman delivered a book with my name on it to my door.

Holy crap. This is real. I’m an author.

The book hits shelves in 9 days. Then the rest of the journey begins. Will readers love or hate the book? Will they recommend the book to friends or lament the loss of their hard earned money? I have no idea, but I can’t wait to find out.

While I’m waiting for that part of the journey to begin, tell me – what is your favorite “first” moment thus far? (Let’s try to keep it clean, kids. You know who you are.)


Dave White said...

My favorite first as an author was definitely the day my book came out. People at work threw me a party, I got picture messages all day of the book on display at bookstores. I got kicked out of a Barnes and Noble for taking pictures. I displayed the book around a Borders and no one cared. It was great.

Chris said...

Congrats, Joelle. A first worth savoring.

Jaci Charbonneau (Mom) said...

One of my favorite firsts (as a mother) is being there when the doorbell rang and being the first to give you a "hug"!

Later after you finished teaching your lesson and Max and I came was fun watching you look at the book in amazement and say over & over "it's a's a's really a book". To add to the firsts of the day...I had the pleasure of watching Max (remember what I had taught him) as he said "author, author.... yeah Mommy!"). Congratulations proud of you. Who knew my years as a roller skater would influence your 1st book. Roll on!

Joelle Charbonneau said...

Dave - I'm looking forward to a party on release day. That sounds like fun.

Thanks Chris. I plan on enjoying every minute.

Mom - it was great having you there. I still remember when you read the first book I wrote and said "It reads like a book."

Steve Weddle said...

Very cool. This is a book that should be very popular -- not just because of the cross-over appeal, but because it's a good book itself.
Congrats on being able to finally hold the damn thing.

Unknown said...

My first was landing an agent, then a two book deal. Still taking it all in. Congrats, Joelle, I'll be reading this when it hits the shelves.