Friday, August 20, 2010

We interrupt your expected transmission....

By Russel D McLean
(or maybe not)

Bit of an unforseen circumstances this week chez McLean. Some watery madness from above (ie, a freak rainstorm) has got Russel involved in clearing water and fixing drains. So he's barely even realised that Friday is rolling around.

So he'll fill in time this week, presenting to you the most realistic depiction of the author-agent/editor dynamic ever committed to theatre...

And also (via Mitchell and Webb) a scene Russel finds quite familiar. Not from working with anyone in recent years, but he did once, or maybe not once, deal with, or maybe not deal with, a editor similar - or totally different - to this one. Or not.

Normal service, he assures you will be resumed next week. But in case you think he's all doom and gloom, here's a link to his reaction to some much happier news from last week.

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