Thursday, August 26, 2010

Observe The Two Week Rule

There is so much going on in publishing right now that's kind of beyond me.

Jonathan Franzen, Adrew Wylie, TIME, the NEW YORK TIMES, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Prince Poppycock, and e-books. I get bits and pieces of these stories, but I never seem to understand the whole story. I follow people on Twitter and get 140 characters of information, but I'm never drawn to find out more.

Probably should, but here's the thing about controversies.

I don't really care.


Because they go away. They all go away.

In a week or two, we'll be talking about something else. Someone will say something that will be blown out of proportion, the bloggers will jump all over it, and we'll have a new controversy.

It's so junior high.

It gives everyone something to talk about, but rarely does something change. How is Barnes and Noble being sold going to change a consumer's life? Unless all the bookstores shut down, it's not. Teens with no place to go will still show up, browse Stephanie Myer and buy a latte.

Jonathan Franzen is going to sell a million bazillion copies.

Authors and fans are going to bitch about negative reviews.

I have a saying in my classroom.... "The Two Week Rule."

Anytime there's a controversy, I tell my students to observe the two week rule. That means, whatever is being talked about... whoever got in trouble, got dumped, or fell in front of everyone... will be forgotten about in two weeks. Because within the next two weeks someone else will be dumped, get in trouble or trip and fall in front of everyone.

So don't sweat it.

Move on.

But we can't, because everyone wants their say.

And I can't, because I don't follow any of it.

I'm so jealous of you gossip savvy types.


Dana King said...

I'm with you, Dave, especially on the publishing bit. Every time Borders announces its earnings, or closes a store, or opens a store, it's A SIGN!!! People line up to read the tea leaves abs to what it means, when all i really means is Borders opened or closed a store. It's like the scene in LIFE OF BRIAN where he loses a sandal trying to escape his followers, so everyone ditches a sandal, because it's A SIGN!!!

Bryon Quertermous said...

It hurts me to say this, but well said.

Mike Dennis said...

Good post, Dave. Incisive, provocative. But I might forget it in two weeks.

Unknown said...

The reason I don't care is I just don't have time. Besides, I dig Franzen, B&N or Borders is always apparently going out of business. Amazon going into publishing and Tyrus and BFF joining forces is actually good for readers and writers alike. The world is too static these days and you need to concentrate on the things that truly kindle vs. iPad will kick the crap out of your little Kindle any day of the week, Dave