Sunday, August 1, 2010


by Joelle Charbonneau

Get out the candles. Frost the cake. DoSomeDamage turns one today!

Last year, DSD opened its HTML doors and the reader in me has loved every minute of it. I was not one of the original DSD gang, but I was honored to join the team earlier this year. So technically this isn’t my party, but I’m using it as a great excuse to wield a big-ass knife in order to cut the cake (I’m a comedic writer….we don’t get to use knives as often as the noir boys so I have to jump at any chance I get. Sad, but true.).

In the past year, DSD has racked up a bunch of ‘best of crime fiction’ blog awards. It has also created a place for discussion of movies, comics, reading, writing and all things violent. So to commemorate the big event, we have created an anthology of airport crime fiction short stories. The elves behind the scenes are working to get the collection up and running on your e-readers (which I don’t own, but hey – I’m not one to stop progress) as soon as possible. We will throw another party once the collection is available. Keep your eyes peeled. I promise the group of stories will reflect the personalities of all the contributors of DSD. (Yeah – that means no knives for me. Sorry!)

Until then, I’d like to hear from the readers and other contributors of DSD – what are you favorite DSD moments thus far? Personally, I have to admit enjoying Steve’s posts that tell me I’m wrong. They always make me laugh! (Honest!!!) Tell me what you’ve enjoyed reading and more important, tell us all what you’d love to talk about in the future. We have a fabulous new year stretching out in front of us. Let’s raise the level of conversation to new heights.


Barna W. Donovan said...

A big congrats to the Do Some Damage team on the anniversary. Those awards are well deserved for all the work on here. Whatever the topic covered by any of the writers, checking out each new post just makes me go and plant myself in front of the computer and do some more writing. Nice job!
And, by the way, I really want to get a cake like that for the next party I'm throwing...any party, any occasion!! I want that cake!!

Fiona Johnson said...

Joelle! Did you make that cake??? If you did...waw!! and can I eat the dead body?

Like you, I love this blog. All of you guys are so interesting, varied, violent and talented. I disagree with Jay quite a lot but that's good..isn't it?

Joelle Charbonneau said...

I confess that I didn't make the cake - but I'm going to try to replicate this at some point. It's awesome!

Steve Weddle said...

Why would I ever disagree with you?

I think folks are going to love not only reading SKATING when it comes out, but also reading about the process you're going through with the book. That'll make for some great posting.

Nice cake.

Dana King said...

Favorite moment? Had to be when Joelle talked about boobs and there were, like, 45,285 comments.