Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Shameless Promotion Blog

By Jay Stringer

So I’ve been talking up on the twitters about two secret projects that I’ve been working away on. So secret that I’ve been talking about them on the twitters, right?

Well the second one is still cooking. You’ll be hearing about it soon, and I’m damned excited. It involves two great writers and has me tagging along.

But the first secret is out of the bag as of yesterday, and I hope y’all will take a look.

I’m a fan of podcasts. I was an early adopter; in my mid twenties I found myself living in an empty flat alone, with just a laptop and an Internet connection. Podcasts became a way to stay in touch with all the things I couldn’t afford to do; films, music, comic books and crime fiction.

They’ve taken off over the last few years, and now it seems like everyone has a podcast. Hell, we’ve got one. Check out the link to the right, It’s pretty good.

Anyway, focus, Stringer, focus.

One of my favourite podcasts these days is Matinee Idles. It’s a simple but effective formula; four guys get together and talk about films. Sometimes sober, sometimes not. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t.

Check them out through itunes. The best episode so far, in my opinion at least, is the BLADE RUNNER ep. They spend two hours getting into every nook and cranny of that film, and you’ll come out of it finding some aspect you’d never considered before.

But check out all the other episodes too. Aside from film, you’ll hear about the fashion choices of Luke Cage, the genius of Keanu Reeves and the forgotten classic that is The Fall Guy.

But the guys were not content with having a really cool podcast. Nooooo. They decided to take over the Internet too. Starting this week the Matinee Idles website is up and providing, “an internet hub for multiple perspectives and opinions on film. Not a site dedicated to entertainment news or celebrity antics, but a site dedicated to actual movie discussion.

Not enough for ya? Here’s more, This website is about community and simply talking about one thing we all love: movies. I mean, we hope people check it out, but at the base of this project is the sole idea that we have created something that can hopefully bring a few film-fanatics together.”

There will be regular written content; reviews, articles and news. This is just the beginning, so join in and help it grow.

They were crazy enou….ummm….I mean clever enough to ask me to join in. There’s nothing more powerful than a bad idea whose time has come, and to prove that my feature will be a weekly review of a bad film. Each week I’ll be wheeling something out –from the latest blockbusters to old forgotten gems- and telling you what doesn’t make them tick.

And not just that. If you listen really carefully to an upcoming podcast, you might just hear me. I guested with the guys on an episode all about IRON MAN 2.

So that’s the first secret project out of the bag. In true comic book style I’m forging a cross over right here, Do Some Damage and Matinee Idles, twice as much cool content and two podcasts to subscribe to.

But while we're at it, what podcasts do you guys listen to? Who do you want to plug?


David Cranmer said...

Congrats on the new gig. And anyone who can devote more then five minutes to the genius (ok, Heather Thomas in a bikini) of The Fall Guy is worth checking out.

Jarrett Rush said...

Congratulations, Jay. And is your involvement in the Iron Man 2 podcast a hint that the movie -- as I have feared -- is a bad one?

Jay Stringer said...

Cheers guys,

I actually think Iron Man 2 is better than the first.
But it does have a lot of problems. Check out my review up at MI.

Chuck said...

I'm excited.

Hell. I'm *tumescent* over the whole thing.

I'm licking the screen right now.

-- c.