Monday, May 24, 2010

Frank Bill day at DSD

By Steve Weddle

Today you get pixels and a podcast.

I talked to Frank Bill about his new book, DONNYBROOK. You can find the podcast at the DSD Podcast page.

Here's what folks are saying about the book:

"Donnybrook is some serious hillbilly-noir that had my ears ringing by the end. Open the first page... and duck." --Craig Clevenger, author of The Contortionist's Handbook and Dermaphoria

“Dark, grim, and achingly beautiful. Frank Bill is one of the most original and compelling voices in this new generation of crime writers, and Donnybrook is nothing short of stunning.” -- John Rector, author of The Cold Kiss and The Grove

"Donnybrook is a bellow of rage from the American heartland, and Bill is the new bard of the disaffected rural underclass." -- Roger Smith, acclaimed author of Wake Up Dead

"With Donnybrook, Frank Bill has crafted one of the most fearless debut novels I've read in years. Bill has taken the rural noir traditions established by such masters as Larry Brown and Daniel Woodrell and has completely shattered them and reshaped those traditions into the methamphetamine fueled nightmare that is Donnybrook."--Keith Rawson, editor/publisher, Crimefactory Magazine

“Donnybrook is the culmination of Frank Bill's craft and style. The story gleams with ruined characters who reflect our drug-adulterated times, and dialogue that captures a singularly American desperation." -- Elaine Ash, editor Beat to a Pulp

Over at the DSD Podcast you'll find some of my conversation with Frank Bill about the book, his progress as a writer, meth cooking, and dead squirrels.


David Cranmer said...

Great podcast, gentlemen.

I'm looking forward to reading the published DONNYBROOK.

Cavalieresq said...

I can't find this book on Amazon or any other site. It sounds great, and I want to read it. Can you tell me where I can get a copy, or when it will be releases.

I apologize if this was discussed on the podcast - I was unable to connect to it.

Unknown said...

Cavaliersq, it begins the long process of being shopped to publishers next month by my agent. Keep your fingers crossed. But you can check out some of my stories over at Plots With Guns, Beat to a Pulp, Crimefactory and Thuglit.
Thank you for the interest.