Friday, January 1, 2010


By Russel D McLean


Its here. The bells rang at midnight. Jools Holland's annual Hootenany on the Beeb likely had some great music (and probably a few guests where you think, what the hell is that? But its all part and parcel of his eclectic new years mix), some awkward interviews with celebrities who just want to keep drinking and ended with some boogie-woogie. Edinburgh either had an amazing street party or gave up because of the weather. Inverness made the best of scuppered celebration plans And across the world, we wake up in a new decade. Some of us with hangovers. Some of us still suffering from end of year colds*.


It seemed so futuristic. I mean, when I watched Roy Scheider lead that US/USSR team of astronauts out to Europa I was thinking, "all of this seems so far away - I'll be an old man when this happens."

I'm thirty years old.

There are no space flights. There are no monoliths.

But the future still seems exciting and full of possibility.


I make no predictions. I just look forward to whatever happens.

And I want to say thank you to all the new friends I have made in this decade, the ones who have helped me personally and professionally. You know who you are. And you know why I am thanking you.

And I want to say a big thank you to my friends here at DSD for making me feel finally like I'm part of a gang. A good gang. Not a knife wielding one. And especially to the readers. I hope you'll all come with me into the new decade with as much enthusiasm and joy.

And a special thank you from all the DSD gang to Rob Kitchin at View from the Blue House for making us one of his blogs of the year. We're still the new kids on the block, but we're incredibly honoured. We'll try and keep up the standards this year as well.


Its here.

So let's make it a good one.

*at the time of writing, none of this had happened, of course, and I was merely speculating on various new yearly celebrations and their outcomes - whatever yours was, I hope it was a good 'un.


David Cranmer said...

I remember thinking exactly the same thoughts when I originally watched 2010. Though, I'm balancing on 39/40 now and old is smiling its best Chesire grin my way.

Happy New Years to everyone at Do Some Damage. And a reminder that we have Steve Weddle's "Missed Flight" going up at BEAT to a PULP in two days. One of the finest short stories you will read all year. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

There's a big black thing in my front yard this morning. It's making noises that sound like an outtake from an early Pink Floyd album.

Get Obama and Putin on the phone RIGHT NOW! I want this thing gone, and Roy Scheider's not around anymore to do it.

David Cranmer said...

Scratch two days. Steve's story is so damn good, I'm sending it over in a few minutes.

Btw the next title in the series is 2061. Heck, I'll be a spry 91.