Thursday, November 26, 2009


by Dave White

Here's what everyone at DSD is thankful for:

John McFetridge:" I'm thankful for the community. The way we Canadians and Brits and Scots and Americans and Irish and Australians (maybe I've gone too far?) can 'talk' to each other everyday - writers, readers, all of us.

Really, this whole internet thing would be a waste of time without us."

Jay Stringer: "I reckon thankful for an agent who beleives in my work, good supportive friends and the community at large who are all way nicer than their dark moody crime image will allow.

And Wolverhampton Wanderers. I'm allways thankful for them, and they've had books written about them so it counts."

Russel MacLean is thankful for our agent Allan Guthrie, saying: "...he is indeed a man to be thankful for. Even if he does keep insisting that I should have made McNee a transexual, one-legged dward. From the future."

Steve Weddle: "Thankful to work with the world's best agent, write with you super talented guys, and read along with our community of clever commenters."

Scott Parker: "I'm thankful for the publication of my first short story at Beat to a Pulp and to David and Elaine who thought my story worthy enough.

I'm thankful that Charles Ardai saw a market niche in the publishing industry that needed to be filled and created Gabriel Hunt and hired top-notch talent to pen his adventures.

I'm thankful that established companies like DC Comics took a gamble and published Wednesday's Comics, an old-school throwback to the days when comics were a bit more simple but no less entertaining.

I'm thankful that I got invited to join Do Some Damage and to participate in great conversations with six great authors."

Mike Knowles: "My agent, the dashing Al Guthrie, puts up with way too many of my questions and gives me nothing but literary gold in return. It's a good symbiotic relationship."

And me? Dave White is thankful for his agent, who is patient beyond belief, the editors I've had who've helped me out with my books, and for all the fans who've read those books. I really appreciate all the help I've gotten in this industry. Everyone has been super supportive.

And of course... All the members of DSD thank Steve Weddle for getting this idea together.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Steve Weddle said...

Honestly thankful for the other six DSD guys. Without them, this would have just been another one of my stoopid ideas -- like that 4th-person novel and the bacon meringue pie fiasco of Thanksgiving '06.