Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recent Reads

by Dave White

I've been on a really good book reading streak lately, so I figured I'd do a quick blog about it here.

1) Michael Connelly's 9 DRAGONS: This is the best Harry Bosch novel in years. When Harry's daughter is kidnapped in Hong Kong, Bosch goes after her. Connelly's always been good at reshuffling the deck for his series hero and he does it again here. An exciting and heart breaking read.

2) Stuart Neville's THE GHOSTS OF BELFAST (or THE TWELVE): What a debut novel! Neville tells a suspenseful tale about a hitman who sees the ghosts of the men and women he killed. Not only did this book have me racing through the pages, but it's also a great look at modern Ireland and how the country is changing.

3) James Ellroy's THE COLD SIX THOUSAND: The second part of Ellroy's Underworld trilogy. I had a lot of trouble with American Tabloid mostly because I didn't know the history so well when I read it. This book is just as dense, just as suspenseful and just as compelling. Even though I had to read it with Wikipedia open, I had a helluva time with it. Great book.

4) Charlie Huston's HALF THE BLOOD OF BROOKLYN: Joe Pitt. Need I say more? I doubt it. Love Huston's work!

Right now I'm in the middle of THE STAND. Yeah, it's a long one.

Sorry for the short post this week folks. But my next post will be on Thanksgiving, when I'm sure everyone will be reading. Looking forward to that one!


Paul D Brazill said...

I thought The Cold 6000 was pretty good but I ran out of steam a bit towards the end! Blame old age not Ellroy.

I do really fancy the Stuart Neville book.

Alan Griffiths said...

I can vouch for The Twelve, which was one hell of a debut.

Yesterday I started Ellroy's The Black Dahlia - I've picked up The Cold Six Thousand a few times in bookshops but that unique style has put me off a bit - I have no doubts that the man is a genius and hopefully TBD will be the introduction I need.

David Cranmer said...

Short posts are good especially when they give me an idea of what to buy next. And Charlie Huston is it.