Thursday, March 30, 2017

Another Lovely Virginia Festival of the Book

PIC: Harry Crews is still head of the pack
at the Virginia Festival of the Book!
with Ted Geltner and Steve Weddle at 
New Dominion Bookshop
. Photo by Shannon Byrne

By Steve Weddle

This past weekend, Charlottesville hosted the Virginia Festival of the Book.

On a panel about southern writing, I got to chat with Ted Geltner about his Harry Crews biography and Jean W. Cash about her essay anthology, Rough South, Rural South. The next day, I talked with Randall Silvis, Robin Yocum, Diane Les Becquets, and John Hart about crime fiction on a "Caught Up in Crime" panel.

Caught Up in Crime panel. Photo by Rita Ramirez McCauley

Terrence McCauley was on a swell "Techno Thriller" panel and discussed his new book, A Murder of Crows.

Steve Weddle, Terrence McCauley, Sean Fate at VaBook.

Bill Beverly, Steph Post, David Swinson

Other swell authors were there, via some VaBook flickr ->

Steph Post 

Laura Lippman
Art Taylor and Megan Abbott

A fun time was had by all. Find out more about the festival here and plan to visit Charlottesville next spring for the 2018 Virginia Festival of the Book. Drinks are on David Swinson.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Would love to come next year. Always hear how beautiful the city is. And have never seen Monticello.

Art Taylor said...

Thanks for the fun photos! Good seeing you there, though too briefly....

David Swinson said...

Nice photos. I'll start saving up for the drinks.

Anonymous said...

now i want to come next year